Carberry Tower Wedding: Lana & Keith

I first met Lana and Keith at their engagement shoot at Newbattle Abbey College grounds back in March. I knew on that shoot that their Carberry Tower wedding was going to be a day to remember. Unusually for Scotland it was a lovely spring day and with the specatcaular grounds around the main house we couldn't really go wrong. The boys had gathered in the small bar known as the Boar Room as guests were arriving by taxi and car. Lana was pretty much ready apart from slipping into her beautiful wedding dress. With around twenty minutes before the ceremony I headed up to get a few shots of Lana in that gorgeous dress but before I got the chance, I saw those awesome bridal flowers. Wow!! Simply breathtaking. The longest train of flowers I've ever seen and they really complimented the dress and Lana's look perfectly.

After the ceremony, all the guests were outside enjoying drinks before the family group photos which seemed to fly by. The steps in the rose garden at the rear of Carberry serve as the perfect spot for the formals. Then it was off around the grounds with Lana & Keith for the bride and groom shots.

All that was left was to enjoy the rest of the day, with speeches, wedding breakfast and the evening reception. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Lana & Keith Wedding-1.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-35.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-45.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-6.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-8.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-23.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-32.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-30.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-59.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-68.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-83.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-89.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-97.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-104.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-105.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-127.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-176.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-186.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-194.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-201.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-204.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-209.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-212.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-218.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-224.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-231.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-233.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-246.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-250.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-270.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-301.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-305.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-326.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-336.jpg Lana & Keith Wedding-332.jpg

Carberry Tower Wedding Photography - Alison & Neil

Just five minutes up the road for Alison & Neil's Wedding at Carberry Tower. The last time I was there the stunning marquee out out the lawns wasn't there before but what a fantastic addition it is. Carberry Tower pretty much has everything you could wish for on your wedding day. When I arrived, Neil and the boys were enjoying a drink in the snooker room and chatting with friends and family. We did some shots of the guys on the long driveway leading up to the hotel and thankfully, even though we were in the midsts of December, it wasn't actually that cold at all. I then headed up to Alison's room to get some shots of her with Mum, Dad and Sis. She looked stunning and her dress was equally beautiful. A few shots in the room and then it was show time.

The staff at the Hotel were terrific and were chatting at interacting with the guests as they made their way to the ceremony room. It may have been winter but it was a lovely chilled laid back atmosphere. After the ceremony it was time for the family shots which we whizzed through. I always chat about group shots before the big day and just had the guests needed for the shots on hand. That meant with light fading fast we could get some great shots of Alison & Neil, in and around the grounds.

Finally it was off to the new marquee, which looked amazing,for speeches, dinner and a fantastic party! Even some Old Skool thrown in there which kept me entertained as I grabbed some shots of the dancing guests. Finally as Neil is a Physics teacher, I just wanted to ask what he has for his dinner at night. Fission Chips apparently! No? Oh alright then.

Carberry Tower Wedding Photography

Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0001.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0003.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0004.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0005.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0006.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0007.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0008.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0009.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0010.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0011.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0012.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0013.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0014.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0015.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0016.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0017.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0018.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0019.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0020.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0021.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0022.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0023.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0024.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0025.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0026.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0027.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0028.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0029.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0030.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0031.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0032.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0033.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0034.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0035.jpg Carberry Tower Wedding A&N_0036.jpg


Venue: Carberry Tower Wedding Coordinator: Ashley at Carberry Tower Wedding Dress: Susan Gregory Flowers: Roseparks Wedding Stationary: Tree Of Hearts Make-Up: BeautyBox Wedding cake: 3D Cakes of Edinburgh DJ: Chaplins Discos

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