Claire & Ross' E-Session

On a very windy April evening in Edinburgh's old town I met Claire and Ross for their e-session. The plan was to go to Arthurs Seat but fear of blowing away soon put that idea to the back burner and we decided to head up the High Street instead. Edinburgh's tourist season looks to have started as the ghost tours were in full swing. Lot's of bemused visitors wondering who this couple was and why they had a guy with a big camera taking photos. This is the beauty of the E-session. It's all about the happy couple. No one else is there and the first few minutes can be a little embarrasing. After a while though most couples relax a bit more and have a little fun, so come the wedding day, it's all a piece of cake. Below are a few shots from the session.

Claire & Ross E-Session-1 Claire & Ross E-Session-2 Claire & Ross E-Session-3 Claire & Ross E-Session-4 Claire & Ross E-Session-5 Claire & Ross E-Session-6 Claire & Ross E-Session-7 Claire & Ross E-Session-8 Claire & Ross E-Session-9 Claire & Ross E-Session-10 Claire & Ross E-Session-11 Claire & Ross E-Session-12 Claire & Ross E-Session-13 Claire & Ross E-Session-14 Claire & Ross E-Session-15 Claire & Ross E-Session-16 Claire & Ross E-Session-17 Claire & Ross E-Session-18 Claire & Ross E-Session-19 Claire & Ross E-Session-20