Donna & Alan's Engagement Shoot At The Botanical Gardens

I met up with Donna and Alan at The Botanical Gardens for the engagement shoot yesterday on what was a beautiful afternoon. The Botanics make for a perfect backdrop for couple photography and as we strolled around and chatted about the plans for the wedding you could see Donna and Alan just relax into it. The wedding will be at the beautiful Ghilli Dhu in the west end of Edinburgh in May. Looking forward to it!

Donna & Alan E-Session-5.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-6.jpg< Donna & Alan E-Session-3.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-14.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-17.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-18.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-21.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-24.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-28.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-29.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-30.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-32-2.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-33.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-36.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-43.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-45.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-49.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-50.jpg Donna & Alan E-Session-51.jpg