Edinburgh Engagement Photography - Simone & Aiden

Simone and Aiden have flown to Edinburgh all the way from Canada to get married in this wonderful city. Yesterday was the first time we met and right from the first photograph I knew this was going to be a great engagement shoot. Both Simone and Aiden were very naturual in front of the camera and the usual ten minutes of awkwardness which usually starts off an engagement session just wasn't there. Makes my job really easy. Below are some shots for the session. Simone & Aiden's E-Session-6.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-5.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-17.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-38.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-23.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-41.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-49.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-51.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-53.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-59.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-70.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-74.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-79.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-80.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-82.jpg Simone & Aiden's E-Session-83.jpg

Victoria & Brian's E-Session In Edinburgh

It was a very chilly late April evening when I met up with Victoria & Brian on Calton Hill. The light was lovely but the wind was playing up a little so after a few shots we decided to head for cover over at Meadow Lane, one of my favourite spots some photos with a little something different. Finally a wee jaunt up the High Street and Victoria and Brian's photos were in the bag. Victoria and Brian were great in front of the camera. Smiling, laughing and having a great time, which is what it's all about. Thanks again for everything guys.

Victoria & Brian E-Session-4.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-7.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-9.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-10-2.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-12.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-15.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-17.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-19.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-20.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-25.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-31.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-32.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-36.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-41.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-48.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-52.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-60.jpg Victoria & Brian E-Session-66.jpg

Louise & Andrew's E-Session In Edinburgh

I met up with Louise & Andrew for their E-Session hoping for gorgeous shots with views over Edinburgh. Sadly as is often the case this year, it was howling with wind up on Calton Hill. We decided to head down into Edinburgh's Old Town for photographs instead as this would give us more shelter from the gales. Really glad we did as Louise and Andrew were brilliant wether we were in front of big grafitti garage doors or the Royal Mile.

Louise & Andrew E-Session-5.jpg Louise & Andrew E-Session-64.jpg Louise & Andrew E-Session-83.jpg Louise & Andrew E-Session-179.jpg Louise & Andrew E-Session-114.jpg

Justine & Andy's Engagement Shoot at Calton Hill

Calton Hill is easily the most popular choice for e-session photography. Amazing views of Edinburgh as well as Arthur's Seat over the other side. We started the day with Justine's makeover shoot with Helen at CityBrides. Justine looked stunning and thankfully the wind up on Calton Hill was pretty calm. While we were up there we watched a couple from Singapore actually get married on the hill with a dove release and even a drone camera flying around. It was amazing! Looking forward to the wedding now. Not long now guys!

Justine & Andy E-Session-13.jpg Justine & Andy E-Session-18.jpg Justine & Andy E-Session-27.jpg Justine & Andy E-Session-33.jpg Justine & Andy E-Session-43.jpg Justine & Andy E-Session-46.jpg Justine & Andy E-Session-52.jpg

Gemma & Paul's E-Session - Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Gemma & Paul took me to places in Edinburgh I had never even known existed. A secret garden on Calton Hill with beautiful little pathways and views of the skyline. It was a genuine privilege to be able to wander around in such a beautiful setting. All couples are usually a little nervous at the start of the e-session and it usually takes a few minutes to "ease into it" but Gemma & Paul hit the ground running. Natural, fun and relaxed. The wedding at Howies next month is going to be pretty special with their awesome menu, Calton Hill with those views and Gemma & Paul looking fantastic. Roll on July!!

Gemma & Paul ES-3.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-8.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-15.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-18.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-22.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-27.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-35.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-38.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-44.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-45.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-50.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-57.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-62.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-64.jpg