Crieff Hydro Wedding - Amy & Paul

Amy & Paul's wedding was at the beautiful Crieff Hydro. It was easily one of the wettest weddings of the year as the rain lashed against the windows for the bridal preparation photos. Paul and the guys got ready at one of the other lodges and thankfully the hotel had arranged a mini bus to take them the short distance to the main hotel. They would have got drenched! Amy arrived in style! The vintage car was fantastic! I got soaked as Amy arrived as I wanted to get shots of her in the car, looking out to towards the bridesmaids. She looked beautiful.

The rest of the day went with the only hitch that matters.The wedding ceremony. It was perfect.

A massive thank you to Amy & Paul for making me part of their very special day.

Amy & Paul's Wedding-6.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-59.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-32.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-70.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-72.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-74.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-75.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-82.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-86.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-41.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-53.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-56.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-100.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-110-Edit.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-115.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-126.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-135.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-150.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-155.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-233.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-235.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-237.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-242.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-245.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-252.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-271.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-327.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-340.jpg Amy & Paul's Wedding-349.jpg

Humanist Celebrant: Mary Wallace Make-Up: Lisa Anderson