Tasha & Joshua's E-Session at Dalkeith Country Park

Wouldn't be great if all the e-sessions were at Dalkeith Country Park? The stunning parkland scenery, the beautiful courtyard and Orangerie, not to mention the views from the bridges. Of course all this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I live just five minutes away. (Ahem). I don't think it would have mattered where I photographed Tasha and Joshua as they were both great in front of the camera, really natural and fun. Really looking forward to the wedding in August this year now. It's going to be a cracker.

Tasha & Joshua E-Session-1.jpg Tasha & Joshua E-Session-3.jpg Tasha & Joshua E-Session-9.jpg Tasha & Joshua E-Session-6.jpg Tasha & Joshua E-Session-10.jpg Tasha & Joshua E-Session-12.jpg Tasha & Joshua E-Session-14.jpg < img src="Stomped!/Tasha & Joshua E-Session-1-2.jpg" alt="Tasha & Joshua E-Session-1-2.jpg" title="Dalkeith Country Park,E-Session,Photography,Spring,wedding photograher," >