Why Stop At The First Dance

Clients will often ask me if the full day coverage includes the first dance. Definitly but that's not all. I like to try and get some of the party too. The party is when all your friends and family let their hair down a bit and start to be themselves. Might be something to do with all that champagne flowing mixed in with the sheer happiness of the occasion. I never understand why the majority of photographers tend to shoot the first dance then pack up for the day. Barony Castle Wedding PartyThe above was taken at Jacqueline and Karim's wedding at Barony Castle near Peebles. After the first dances, everyone hit the dance floor and the place was jumping. I would have hated to have missed it. Love photographing the party, you can get some brilliant fun photographs that make a brilliant end to your album. A huge thank you to Jacqueline, Karim and all friends and family for being so amazing.