The Vu Wedding Photography - Danielle & Gary

The Vu has to be central Scotland's most popular venue. They are so popular in fact that there is pretty much a wedding on at The Vu every day of the week and it's easy to see why. It's built with one purpose in mind....weddings! After a few getting ready shots with Danielle and the girls, I headed off to The Vu to meet with Gary and the boys. Hearts were playing Hibs that day and this could have presented a major problem as Gary is a huge Hearts fan. So you may ask, was he late? Not a chance! He met the guys for a drink in a nearby pub to watch the first half which took them neatly to the scheduled arrival time at the venue. Nicely done Gary.

Another fun filled wedding day with no one taking themselves too seriously at all. laughs all the way which I hope you can see from the pictures. Also, huge kudos goes to Danielle's dad who wore the Hearts tartan on the day. He's a huge Hibs fan so to wear your big rivals tartan for your daughters big day is the stuff off legends. Imagine your Celtic mate wearing a Rangers tartan or your Manchester Utd fan best mate wearing a Man City strip for pics with the players? It just doesn't happen but it did that day. Awesome stuff.

It was blowing a gale all day so we did a lot of the family shots inside but thankfully it calmed down a little after the meal so we could head back outside for some great shots with the Waterlilly as a backdrop.

Thank you both very much for choosing me for your Vu wedding photography!

Vu Wedding Photography

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