Gemma & Paul's E-Session - Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Gemma & Paul took me to places in Edinburgh I had never even known existed. A secret garden on Calton Hill with beautiful little pathways and views of the skyline. It was a genuine privilege to be able to wander around in such a beautiful setting. All couples are usually a little nervous at the start of the e-session and it usually takes a few minutes to "ease into it" but Gemma & Paul hit the ground running. Natural, fun and relaxed. The wedding at Howies next month is going to be pretty special with their awesome menu, Calton Hill with those views and Gemma & Paul looking fantastic. Roll on July!!

Gemma & Paul ES-3.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-8.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-15.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-18.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-22.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-27.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-35.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-38.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-44.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-45.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-50.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-57.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-62.jpg Gemma & Paul ES-64.jpg