Lana & Keith's Engagement Shoot At Newbattle Abbey

It was back to Newbattle Abbey for Lana & Keith's engagement shoot. It was great to finally meet Lana & Keith and going straight in at the deep end and into a the E-session for them both was actually more like jumping into a puddle. They were great fun and we had a great chat about the wedding plans as well as some informal pose ideas to keep things fun and natural. One of those shoots when you know that your clients are going to be just fine as they forget I'm there for a few seconds here and there. Just how it should be.

Lana & Keith are getting married at the beautiful Carberry Tower near Musselburgh in April.

Lana & Keith E-Session-3.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-18.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-13.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-7.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-25.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-27.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-39.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-51.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-55.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-57.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-62.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-71.jpg