Lana & Keith's Engagement Shoot At Newbattle Abbey

It was back to Newbattle Abbey for Lana & Keith's engagement shoot. It was great to finally meet Lana & Keith and going straight in at the deep end and into a the E-session for them both was actually more like jumping into a puddle. They were great fun and we had a great chat about the wedding plans as well as some informal pose ideas to keep things fun and natural. One of those shoots when you know that your clients are going to be just fine as they forget I'm there for a few seconds here and there. Just how it should be.

Lana & Keith are getting married at the beautiful Carberry Tower near Musselburgh in April.

Lana & Keith E-Session-3.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-18.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-13.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-7.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-25.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-27.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-39.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-51.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-55.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-57.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-62.jpg Lana & Keith E-Session-71.jpg

Lisa & Darren's Wedding At Newbattle Abbey College

Lisa & Darren had the perfect winter setting for their wedding at Newbattle Abbey College. It is a stunning venue with beautiful spacious grounds extending out up the driveway to the imposing entrance. Round the back the gardens are beautifuly manicured all year round so even in the winter you have some lush greenery as the perfect backdrop to your photographs. I arrived just as Darren and the guests were coming down the drive. I went to check-in with Lisa and the bridesamaids in one of the rooms in the other building to make sure everything was ready and I have to say, they were way too organised! All ready to go with plently of time to spare. After grabbing some shots of the guests arriving I headed to the drawing room which is situated upstairs. This specatcular room has recently been renovated to it's former glory and would be fit for a royal banquet never mind a wedding. I took some shots of the table settings, favours etc before heading down the Newbattle Abbey's famous crypt where the ceremony would be taking place.

Lisa looked just beautiful as she walked in to meet Darren and little Archie. Everyone is nice and close when you choose the crypt at Newbattle for your ceremony and this gives the occasion a lovely intimate feel.

After the wedding ceremony I arranged all the upcoming shots like the confetti shot and family shots as well as grabbing those candid moments of everyone having a great time. As the sun started to peek a little through the clouds to create some definition we grabbed our chance to get some beautiful bride and groom shots around the sprawling grounds.

The wedding breakfast and speeches were held in the drawing room with catering supplied by the always excellent Mackenzies Restaurant. I have worked with Mike & Dave on several occasions and can't speak highly enough of their services.

Winter weddings really don't get any better than this!

Lisa & Darren-2.jpg Lisa & Darren-14.jpg Lisa & Darren-23.jpg Lisa & Darren-46.jpg Lisa & Darren-55.jpg Lisa & Darren-63.jpg Lisa & Darren-82.jpg Lisa & Darren-93.jpg Lisa & Darren-96.jpg Lisa & Darren-168.jpg Lisa & Darren-178.jpg Lisa & Darren-191.jpg Lisa & Darren-199.jpg Lisa & Darren-200.jpg Lisa & Darren-201.jpg Lisa & Darren-211.jpg Lisa & Darren-213.jpg Lisa & Darren-214.jpg Lisa & Darren-223.jpg Lisa & Darren-231.jpg Lisa & Darren-233.jpg Lisa & Darren-242.jpg Lisa & Darren-245.jpg Lisa & Darren-251.jpg Lisa & Darren-259.jpg Lisa & Darren-262.jpg Lisa & Darren-263.jpg Lisa & Darren-281.jpg Lisa & Darren-288.jpg Lisa & Darren-302.jpg Lisa & Darren-306.jpg


Venue: Newbattle Abbey College Catering: Mackenzies Restaurant

More suppliers will be added shortly.

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Kayleigh & Simon's E-Session At Crichton Castle

Crichton Castle is one of my favourite places not just to go and take photos but a great place to go off for a walk too. The scenery is spectacular whatever time of year you visit. It can look kind of bleak and desolate in the winter but full of colour and lushness in the summer. I met up with Kayleigh and Simon at my home studio as Crichton, while not far away, is pretty tricky to find. Just head for Pathhead and turn right and you'll pretty much end up there. Even though the wind was up a little Kayleigh and Simon were immense and we had a great laugh taking photos and joking around as we expored the grounds. Finally, I thought we'd head down to Newbattle Abbey College for a final few shots to finish of the photoshoot. I love shooting e-sessions as it really does help on the day when you have gotten used to having a few pictures taken.

Kayleigh and Simon are getting married in may at the beautiful Newbattle Abbey College before heading of to the Corn Exchange for the wedding reception. It's going to be another fantastic wedding!

Kayleigh & Simon-5.jpg Kayleigh & Simon-13.jpg Kayleigh & Simon-15.jpg Kayleigh & Simon-19.jpg Kayleigh & Simon-21.jpg Kayleigh & Simon-32.jpg Kayleigh & Simon-37.jpg Kayleigh & Simon-48.jpg Kayleigh & Simon-61.jpg Kayleigh & Simon-70.jpg